Catching Hell Part 1: Journey is HERE!!!

Today I’m excited to announce the release of my epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Catching Hell Part 1: Journey, today on eBook everywhere! The story of two friends separated by tragedy, and venturing into worlds they were raised to fear. Find it HERE.

A huge thank you to Double Dragon eBooks for continuing to have faith in the story I want to tell. I really hope everyone enjoys it. Stay tuned for more to come!

Even More Media!

Yes, it’s true that I’ve been a busy little bee lately. Books out, books coming, and media, media, media! Three more interviews available on the Media page, including my first overseas talk, and my first radio interview!

Coming soon: the harrowing tale of Catching Hell, and why it means so much to me.

New Media Has Arrived!

‘Death Dresses Poorly’ is steadily gaining its audience, while ‘Catching Hell Pt. 1’ looms large next month, and I’ve been lucky enough to speak with both Author/Blogger Kelly Charron, and publisher Cara Flannery about the books, writing, and squishy stuff like loooooooove. Head over to the Media tab to check them out!

Full ‘DDP’ Trailer!

Thank you so much to my publisher Fluky Fiction for putting this together. 50 Views on YouTube? It’s the greatest success anything with my name has ever had!

Special Etsy Deal!

There’s now a special Etsy pre-sale of the actual, physical copy of Death Dresses Poorly available directly from my publisher. American friends can get free shipping with the provided code as well as getting to save a few bucks off the eventual cover price:

For my Canadian / World Wide friends, you can order here, or from Amazon starting December 12th! With any luck, I’ll have a few myself to send your way.

December 12th is just a short time away! Who’s got two thumbs, crippling book-performance anxiety, and is eager to get his story in your hands? This guy!

…please like my book…


Death Dresses Poorly Teaser and Kindle Pre-Sale!

It’s been a busy few weeks for my editor/publisher and I as we get ready for the DDP launch, which is official for December 12th! Perfect for your holiday season! Want to get on board early? Then good news; there’s an Amazon Kindle pre-sale of just $.99 ($1.26 CAD)! Buy now and get it fresh on the 12th to your favorite e-reading device.

Do electronic readers scare and baffle you? Do you want a physical copy? Do you pine for paper in your hands on the off chance you’ll meet me one day and I’ll bless it with my world-famously bad autograph? Be sure to check out the Amazon page closer to the launch date in order to get your hands on one.

Not sure if it’s your cup of tea? How about a teaser-trailer? Will it convince you? Unknown, but I love it!

Grab the book. Leave a review. Talk about how it’s the greatest literary work since Hamlet. Always feel free to contact me to let me know your thoughts!

‘Death Dresses Poorly’ Kindle Pre-Sale

A New WIP Glimpse

As a part of their 31 Days of Halloween event, the great team at Fluky Fiction (home of Death Dresses Poorly) have graciously posted the first chapter of my (long-gestating…) supernatural thriller ’12:13′. I’m about half-done this particular work, and I have been for a while… the perils of being a writer I suppose. Old ideas get bumped for new ones.

Still, I love this chapter, a straight attempt by me to write something my wonderful wife might like to read… if I ever finish it, that is. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

‘Death’ Creeping Ever Closer…

Started work editing my formatted version of ‘Death Dresses Poorly’. Actually printed out a physical copy to jot on, oddly enough. I’m a digital man in the digital age, but I’m still finding my way in this strange new world of being an author.

‘Death Dresses Poorly’, my debut novel, is still set for a December release. I promise I’ll keep you posted!

Something old, something new…