Aurora Award Nomination Time!

I am proud and honored to let you know that I am eligible in THREE categories for this year’s Aurora Awards, celebrating the best in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Low Level Buzz is nominated for Best Short Story, A Church in the Three Valleys is nominated for Best Novelette/Novella, and the entire collection is nominated for Best Related Work!

Please consider visiting, and casting a vote for myself and a long list of other very talented Canadian writers and artists. Voting closes this coming Saturday, April 24th!

New Audiobook!

It’s true! After a grueling recording session (in my closet…) and with the help and support of my publisher Fluky Fiction, my debut audiobook Death Dresses Poorly is now available on your favourite audiobook provider.

I finally got to give a voice to Ethan and Death, and I had a blast doing it. Come listen to me rant, swear, and argue with myself for 4 1/2 hours. I’m incredibly proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it.

Teaser Time!

Even though I’ve been pretty quiet during the pandemic, I still have lots on the go! I’ve used the time at home to teach myself some new skills and new ways to entertain myself and you at the same time. I’ll have more soon, but I can say that my mission to get my stories into your head is now taking direct aim at your ear-holes.

Also, there’s this! More coming soon.

A BUNCH of new Media!

With the launch of Between Conversations, I’ve been all over the place! Head over to the media page and see what I’ve been up to. Podcasts. Radio shows. Guest articles. Busy busy busy!

Between Conversations Out Now!

Yahoo! My newest book Between Conversations: Tales From the World of Ryuujin is out now! Find it in ebook and paperback on Amazon. Check out a collection one reviewer called “Immediately absorbing and satisfyingly varied.”

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my first self-published release. A special thanks to the amazing team at Fluky Fiction for your editing, as always. I hope you enjoy my brain words once again!

Click the pic for the link!

Pre-Order is Live!

The pre-order for my newest book Between Conversations: Tales From the World of Ryuujin has gone live in anticipation of it’s official launch on September 25th!

Return to the world of Catching Hell as we explore thousands of years and a variety of genres in a world that is in constant flux. Adventure, horror, drama, laughter and more await you!

If you want to hear more about what’s inside, be sure to take a trip over to the Media section and have a listen to the conversation I had with Sci Fi Saturday Night, which was easily one of the most fun interviews I’ve even had.

New Media, New Cover!

The ball is rolling quicker for my next release, ‘Between Conversations: Tales From the World of Ryuujin’, so here is the full cover for your enjoyment! I’m particularly proud of the blurb on the back. Sometimes I surprise myself. Not often, though, since I know how amazing I am.

Also, be sure to swing over to the Media page for a conversation I had with the Beyond the Trope podcast. A ton of fun that I hope you will check out.

Cover Debut!

I am so excited to debut the cover of my forthcoming short story collection ‘Between Conversations: Tales From the World of Ryuujin’! These stories span thousands of years and multiple genres, all within the world of my ‘Catching Hell’ series, and edited by the amazing Fluky Fiction! Coming September 2020.

The Coming of Write Watson

I decided to have a bit of fun, teach myself some rudimentary filmmaking techniques, and share my journey and writing knowledge. I hope to make more, but even this, as just a thank you for being with me for the last four years, was a ton of fun.

New Year, New…uh…News…

Yes, I am notorious for dropping off the map for ages at a time, but it’s always for a good reason! Boredom! Also, business. So let’s get down to the business of being vague.

I’ll have a new blog up soon documenting my 4-year journey anniversary, an announcement about an upcoming public appearance, and also something to do with this random image which surely means not a darn thing…

What does this even mean?