I’m Back, Baby!

I’ll be here at the Calgary Expo, Artist Alley booth A454 (right when you enter from the main hall) all weekend! Come and say hello, talk shop, buy a book, and let’s enjoy actually getting to meet in person!

Hone sweet home for the next three days!

Return to the Calgary Expo!

Just because I miss your mask-covered smiling faces, I’m happy to announce that I will be returning to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo: Limited Edition, happening September 10th to 12th at the BMO Center. I’ll be there, talking shop, selling books (some are no longer available in stores!) and just generally being happy to get out again. I’ll be at booth A454!

Catching Hell: Journey ARRIVES!!!

After much blood, sweat, and tears, Catching Hell Part 1: Journey has been reborn like the Scottish phoenix that graces this website. Grab it now and take a trip with Aryu and Johan into the depths of the worlds they were raised to fear!

Click the pic to grab your copy, or check your local Amazon!

Launching Tomorrow!!!

Yes, it’s true. On Tuesday May 25th, Catching Hell Part 1: Journey returns! Remastered, re-edited, and ready to take on the world. Check out this amazing trailer from Fluky Fiction (featuring some killer voice work):

And also, I put together a “Story of Catching Hell” video and I would love it if you gave it a look:

Be sure to grab a copy from Amazon and never hesitate to let me know what you think!

Pre-Order is Now Live!

Here we go, folks! Launching next Tuesday, May 25th is the return of Catching Hell Part 1: Journey, now with Fluky Fiction doing the publishing. It’s re-mastered, re-edited, and has never been better.

Head over to Amazon and grab a pre-order copy for just $.99 USD! That price is only temporary so jump on it while you can! Just click the pic, or check your local Amazon:


The Phoenix Returns!

An exciting update for you all! The journey(!) of this book is a strange one, that I’d like to chronicle some day soon, but now it returns better than ever!

I am eternally thankful to anyone who originally picked up Journey when it was released in 2018, but even I have to admit parts of it were rough. It wasn’t all it could be. I still believe in the story and the characters, but the fit and finish was lacking. That’s ok. I was new, and my passion for the story outweighed the risks for me. We fall to pick ourselves up again, and that’s exactly what my amazing friends at Fluky Fiction did!

When I lost my publisher last year (2020, amiright?) Fluky reached out and agreed to pick it up and now it’s back better than ever. New cover (amazing!), new polish, and a whole new outlook.  From the dynamic duo that brought you Death Dresses Poorly, and coming May 25th, (pre-orders are live now)! Click on the image below to reserve your copy and go on this journey with me again!

Aurora Award Nomination Time!

I am proud and honored to let you know that I am eligible in THREE categories for this year’s Aurora Awards, celebrating the best in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Low Level Buzz is nominated for Best Short Story, A Church in the Three Valleys is nominated for Best Novelette/Novella, and the entire collection is nominated for Best Related Work!

Please consider visiting, and casting a vote for myself and a long list of other very talented Canadian writers and artists. Voting closes this coming Saturday, April 24th!

New Audiobook!

It’s true! After a grueling recording session (in my closet…) and with the help and support of my publisher Fluky Fiction, my debut audiobook Death Dresses Poorly is now available on your favourite audiobook provider.

I finally got to give a voice to Ethan and Death, and I had a blast doing it. Come listen to me rant, swear, and argue with myself for 4 1/2 hours. I’m incredibly proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it.

Teaser Time!

Even though I’ve been pretty quiet during the pandemic, I still have lots on the go! I’ve used the time at home to teach myself some new skills and new ways to entertain myself and you at the same time. I’ll have more soon, but I can say that my mission to get my stories into your head is now taking direct aim at your ear-holes.

Also, there’s this! More coming soon.