Catching Hell Part 2 AVAILABLE NOW!

You have reached your ‘Destination’, people! The conclusion of my epic fantasy duology has landed today on ebook (print version coming soon). Come follow best friends Aryu and Johan as they look to overcome their fears and get their revenge on the Army of the Old and it’s ruthless leader.

Thank you to Double Dragon Publishing, the cover design abilities of Covermint, and the always welcome editing prowess of Fluky Fiction! I’m so glad to bring this to you all. It’s been a crazy journey.

Cover Reveal


My epic conclusion is at hand! With thanks to my publisher Double Dragon Press, the editing prowess of Fluky Fiction, and the amazing work of Covermint Design, Catching Hell Part 2: Destination is arriving soon!


Holy Wowzers, a New Blog Is Up!

I actually got a Blog post up like I said I would! An update on some upcoming projects, as well as some general thoughts on my lack of creativity lately. Check it out, feel free to leave a comment or thoughts, and catch up with my wandering soul.

No Rest for the Writer

It was a heck of a summer, wasn’t it? It’s true I’ve been quiet, however I’m back for a few updates, the tidbit that progress with Catching Hell Pt. 2: Destination is farther than you may think, and a Blog post shortly.

Take a trip over the to Media page and check out a trio of new interviews. I do love to talk about myself…

Keep sticking with me, and I’ll be sure to give you more tasty morsels shortly!

More ‘Catching Hell’!

‘Catching Hell Part 2: Destination’ is now out for editing with the amazing team at Release date is still pending, but this is one more step in the right direction to completing the duology. Stay tuned!

A Toast to You!

Just a quick update to say swing by my Blog page for the April 30th, 2018 posting. I have a message of gratitude there I’d like you so see. Cheers, readers!

Catching Hell Part 1: Journey is HERE!!!

Today I’m excited to announce the release of my epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Catching Hell Part 1: Journey, today on eBook everywhere! The story of two friends separated by tragedy, and venturing into worlds they were raised to fear. Find it HERE.

A huge thank you to Double Dragon eBooks for continuing to have faith in the story I want to tell. I really hope everyone enjoys it. Stay tuned for more to come!

Even More Media!

Yes, it’s true that I’ve been a busy little bee lately. Books out, books coming, and media, media, media! Three more interviews available on the Media page, including my first overseas talk, and my first radio interview!

Coming soon: the harrowing tale of Catching Hell, and why it means so much to me.

New Media Has Arrived!

‘Death Dresses Poorly’ is steadily gaining its audience, while ‘Catching Hell Pt. 1’ looms large next month, and I’ve been lucky enough to speak with both Author/Blogger Kelly Charron, and publisher Cara Flannery about the books, writing, and squishy stuff like loooooooove. Head over to the Media tab to check them out!